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How We Work


Where You Can See Us

Lakewood 400 Antiques Market ~ Cumming, GA  

On the 3rd weekend of every month

Friday ~ Sunday

We're located In Hall A ~ Booth #44

You can see all the current designs there


Art Festivals  ~ We also participate in several high-end Art Shows and Festivals during the year.  Check our Events Page for our next show!


How to Purchase

To order from our Online Shop, simply choose the design you want and call or text us at 770-530-7655 or you can use the Contact Form. We will discuss whether you want your knife shipped to you, or to pick it up at our booth at Scott's or Lakewood 400. There is a cost for shipping but you can save that at our shop.

We accept most credit cards over the phone, PayPal, or Venmo to secure your treasure. 


Our Work-Shop ~ Is in the basement of our Alpharetta home, but you wouldn't want to visit there, as it's only safe for Lorenzo!  However, you're more than welcome to pick up custom orders at our home, (upstairs) by appointment only.



There isn't much Lorenzo can't create out of wood! You may want to add a display box such as the one shown in our slide show under custom orders, made for 3 Ulus.  


Since cutting boards are all the rage today, you may want to order a special board of unique woods and incorporate a matching cheese knife, or a small, medium, or large Ulu for chopping nuts and herbs or for making guacamole, set in a dough bowl. These make unique hostess gifts or just an addition to your own collection.

We also package our small cheese knife & board sets in unusual cigar boxes.

Custom Orders














The knives above are just a sampling of pieces I’ve created and sold.


My designs are unique!  I wake in the morning with a design in my head, put it down on paper, cut a wooden template, then get to work!


For handles, I’ve been known to incorporate materials I’ve picked up at our local junkyards, such as brass lamp fittings and plumbing bits, marrying these with local & exotic woods, such as Olive Wood, Osage, Padauk, Lacewood, Ironwood and Yellow or Purple Heart, as well as recycled and castoff pieces of teak, (from old, broken outdoor furniture, donated to our woodpile by friends) as well as bits & pieces of unusable local woods, like Boxed Elder, Spalted Maple, Walnut and Hickory given to us by a lovely gentleman we've met in our travels, who owns a sawmill in Alabama and brings us cartons of his castoffs that he would normally toss or burn.  


I oftentimes add micarta for a pop of color, as well as mosaic pins for a bit of "jewelry"!  Most of my handles have a lovely, sensual contour that fits the hand beautifully!   


Just recently we have discovered some magnificent material combining stabilized burls with acrylics that I have added to some of our newer pieces, bringing them to a whole new level, if I have to say so myself.  

My Blades are often recycled as well, cut from used circular saw blades gratefully donated to us by friends & neighbors, or from high carbon steel.


Custom orders are always welcome.  We can discuss your desires, work up a plan and I’d be more than happy to accommodate your vision.  Custom Chef’s Knives in sets of 4 - 8 with a magnetic strip on a backing to match the handles.  We can decide on the woods used for handles and any accent color used.  I can also make display pieces to show off your blade, and if you’d like a matching accessory such as a display box or cutting board. We’ll come to an agreed-upon price and I would require a 50% deposit to get started.

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