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#1 non B.jpeg


#2 non B.jpeg

Mini Cleaver & Board

Our 1st Engraved Piece
Handle of Stabilized Flame Elder & Pearlized White Acrylic


with Engraved
Blade in a Spectacular Cigar 

Stailized Figured Burl #1jpeg.jpeg


Pair of Folding Knives
Handles of Stabilized Elm Burl

Folders in Box.jpeg

Our Pocket/Folding Knives 
Packaged for giving in this
lovely,, unique Cigar Box

Yellow #1.jpeg
Yellow #2.jpeg

Paring/Skinning Knife & Display Stand
Handle of Yellow Dyed, Stabilized, Spalted Maple & Ebony

Sweet Yellow Paring Knife & Display Stand

Purple Spalted Tamerin #2.jpeg

Pastelli cheese/paring/skinning Knife
& Display Stand

Chefs Knife Set ~ Spalted Maple

Chefs Knife Set - Spalted Maple

Chefs Knife Set ~ Spalted Ma

Story Title

Chefs Knife Set ~ Spalted Maple

Stabilized Spalted Tamarind & Ebony


Pastelli "Blue" cheese/paring/skinning Knife
& Display Stand

Amb Maple w_ Tourq #1.jpeg

V ~ Cheese Knife of Ambrosia Maple w/tourquise 

Olivewood Set_ V.jpeg

V ~ Cheese knife & Board ~ Olivewood


Swords come in many shapes & sizes we're only limited by your & my imagination

Double Edged Sword #1_edited.jpg

Double Edged Sword

Hatchet #1.jpeg

Our Hatchet

Blue Cleaver #1.jpeg
Red Cleaver #1.jpeg

Our Heavy Duty Cleavers
Hand Engraved
With Display Stands

Gut Hook Damascus #1.jpeg

Gut Hook Knife ~ Damascus Blade
with Rams Horn Handle

Custom Order

Lg Ulu in Lg dough bowl.jpeg

Our take on the Alaskan Ulu 
A wonderful addition to any kitchen
Handle of Olive Wood & Cedar
Set in a large dough bowl

BEV #1.jpeg

"Bird's Eye View"
Handle of Onyx Wood & Acrylic

BEV on Chess Bd #2.jpeg

"Bird's Eye View #2 ~ on our Chess Board


Handle of Purple & Gold Acrylic

Cleav & Bd Olive Wd.jpeg

Mini Cleaver & Cutting Board 
of beautiful Olive Wood

Walnut Ulu.jpeg

Sweet Walnut Ulu
Wonderful piece to use in any Kitchen

Honey Do #1.jpeg

"Honey Do"
Handle of Jasper Wood & Acrylic


Honey Do Red 
Handle of Maple Burl & Acrylic

Sweet Orange Creamsicle ~ Mini Cleaver

Honey Do - Red

Orange Creamsicle ~ Birds Eye View 

Orange Mini Cleaver.jpeg
Tourq _V__edited.jpg

Turquoise V ~  Cheese Knife


Turquoise V ~ Birds Eye View


Lovely Small Ulu in a Mango Bark Bowl

Spalted Maple Set
SM cleaver set.jpeg

2 of our Spalted Maple sets

Lace Wood Pastel & Inlayed Board #2.jpeg

Pastelli & Cutting Board
Lacewood & Multi Inlay

Blue Damascus_edited.jpg


Dam Ironwood #1.jpeg
Lace Wood Mini Cleaver & Board #1.jpeg

Cheese Cleaver & Cutting Board
Lacewood & Ashe

Ed's Damascus Set.jpeg

Our First Custom Chefs Set in Damascus Steel
with Handles of Ambrosia Maple ~ For Ed

Dam Steak Ironwood #2.jpeg

Our Second Set  of Damascus Chef's Knives & 8 piece Steak Knives with handles
of Iron Wood

Dam Ironwood closeup #3jpeg.jpeg
Layla's set #3.jpeg

Layla's  7 piece Stainless Steel Chef's Knife Set, with Sharpening Rod
Handles of Electric Blue & Black Acrylic

Pretty Blue V ~ top view

Sweet Blue V" & Stand

Teak #2.jpeg

6 Piece Chefs Knife Set with Sharpening Rod Handles of Recycled Teak

Pretty Blue V

Sweet Blue V" Cheese Knife & Stand

Jess Gift #4.jpeg

Set of 8 Steak Knives
Recycled Teak Handles
Packaged in a Unique Cigar Box

Set #1.jpeg

Our Newest Pieces
Olive Wood Boards, with Feet
Cheese Knives & Bowl for spreads 

Bowl Set #1Ajpeg.jpeg
Bowl Set #1Bjpeg.jpeg
both folders 1.jpeg

Custom Folders
We can put together many different looks for your handle material
Only limited by one's imagination 


Light Blue Custom Set

Wonky Bat
2 different looks


Steak Knife Set 
on Magnetic Strips
Boxed Elder Handles

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