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About The Artist

“I am humbled by the process of creating something, anything actually. To start with a bit of wood, then proceed to work in metal (mixed/media) is absolutely amazing. Beyond my wildest dreams. Evolution is truly a mind-altering experience”.

Our “ideology” put simply is to make use of the refuse within our reach. We are drowning in a sea of junk, castoffs, and built-in obsolescence.

It is our sincere hope that you enjoy what you see here. One sun shines on us all. We challenge you to build something! Get busy! Go beyond what has been the prescribed norm and you will find that what was normal had never been normal from the start. The process of life learning never stops until you do. So too is the journey. Reflection, meditation, and dance equal balance. The premise of our company is simple. Life is a series of tests. Make a small thing and you will have learned something about yourself. Doing nothing? Not in my vocabulary. Be happy!

Personally speaking…

Lorenzo Lollis was born in Florence, SC, (of Native American Choctaw, Cherokee and African ancestry) 69 years ago and raised on the South Shore of Long Island, NY.

Some 18 years ago, Lorenzo along with his wife, Sandra (Sam), his partner and right hand in One Sun Knife Designs, relocated to Alpharetta, GA, in the beautiful foothills of the North Georgia Mountains. Between them, they share five grown children, fifteen grandchildren, and two great scattered over a number of states.

After a serious car accident years ago sidelined his career in construction, Lorenzo turned to his first love, music. He plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboard, and anything else he can get his hands on. For years he composed music in his home studio.

His other passion, to save the earth from refuse, along with his burning creative drives, turned him to his wood shop where he began whittling and experimenting with some designs he had in his head, first making them out of wood and then metal.

Lorenzo is very creative to start with, but when it comes to his knife designs, he is self-taught. He learned to forge by watching YouTube videos, burning through a number of pieces of clothing and burning out some power tools along the way. His learning continues as his designs become more intricate. The final results are what you’re seeing here!