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Handmade knives, using recycled metals and handles of exotic and local woods.

Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim 
Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.

Arts in the Heart of Augusta

Wow!  What a great experience!!!  Though we’re new at participating in arts festivals, this was our first year, and just our 3rd time out there, this was GREAT!!!  

Not only was the festival beautifully organized, (thanks to Pax Bobrow and her staff) making it easier for us to set up and breakdown, but the turnout on all 3 days was fantastic!  We met some incredible people who seemed to love our knives!  Mr. & Mrs. Keith Jones - he being a custom suit maker, look him up at (What a pleasure to chat with you both);  Rachael, who made us feel so welcome in the area; The group from EastWind Castle LLC!; the 9 year old lad who wanted to “negotiate” the price of a knife, (how could I not)!!!; and then there was young Molly, who stole my heart, and visited us 3 or 4 separate times!  Please contact us, as we need to negotiate, we so want you to have one of our knives, the one you really wanted;  So many more wonderful and interesting people came through to help make our weekend truly a success on so very many levels!

I kept track of some of the comments that were being bantered about:

"Great job!” -  "Beautiful work, amazing knives!” - “Nice, never seen knives like that” -  'Gorgeous stuff!” - “This says, that’s my cheese, don’t mess with my cheese”!! (with regard to the small knives) - “Crazy stuff, pretty wild” - “Cool designs” - “What a talent”! - “Awesome” - “Truly works of art!” -  “Very cool, great tools” - “Fantastic” - “That is seriously beautiful” -  “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this"

Thank you all, you know who you are.

Sam & Lorenzo



Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival

Just to let everyone know, we'll be showing at the Arts Festival in downtown Augusta, from September 15th - 17th,  (Google the above for times and directions).

Please come to not only enjoy our beautiful knives, (many new additions for this show) but the outstanding work of other artists.  There will also be international foods to be devoured, and entertainment to enjoy. 

Come visit us at Tent #1901, we need to see some friendly and familiar faces!!!!!

Looking forward to it!

Sam & Lorenzo


Now that summer is officially over and fall is rapidly approaching, thoughts often go to Holiday shopping.

For that special someone in your life, the collector of fine knives/art, we are offering a 20% discount on all orders made between October 1st and December 1st.  so that you're guaranteed to have it for Holiday giving.

Please contact us, either here at our website or on our Facebook page with any questions, concerns and orders!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Then and Now

I am humbled by the process of creating something, anything actually. To start with a bit of wood,  then proceed to work in metal (mixed/ media) is absolutely amazing. Beyond my wildest dreams. Evolution is truly a mind altering experience. Thanks to the Mrs. my best friend, confidant, fan and comrade. Much love! This, is our body of work.

We've come along way, and there's more to be done. Thanks to all those who matter to us. You know, who you are!!!! 


Long overdue update!

Lorenzo has been hard at work down in the shop, grinding his fingers to the bone (so to speak) and coming up with new and exciting designs.  

I'm really proud of what he's achieved since executing his first piece.  His newest creations are truly beautiful, useful and special, and are being bought up before they're even completed!

Keep them coming honey!

Love Sam


First Blog Post of 2015

Yay, new website!  FINALLY, after many hours of work, sweat and tears, along with the aid of my fantastic sister out in California, WE'RE UP AND LIVE!!

Still doing some last minute tweaking, but this is it!  We'd truly appreciate feedback from family and friends.  Don't be gentle, we want to hear it all.



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